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Slim Sexy Strong is a new approach to home fitness. The 4 different workout segments on this DVD were created to be mixed and matched so that you can focus on your specific goals and body areas. The combinations are nearly limitless. This one DVD gives you over 64 different workouts! This strength training DVD includes segments for Arms, Legs, Abs and Full Body. Combine segments for 10, 20, 30 or 50 minute workouts. This is Holly’s newest and best selling workout DVD.

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Holly Perkins is on a mission to improve the ration of women to men strength training everywhere.  Holly created the Women’s Strength Nation movement to help women discover their inner strength through the development of their physical strength. You can Join the Movement (it’s free!) by making a personal commitment to strength train, and by adding your name to our email list. Visit the website and Joint the Movement.

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“I love the feeling of accomplishment that goes with the challenge of stepping outside my comfort zone and I LOVE my body. I learned that taking time to work on me – which can be easy to forget when you are a mother – makes me a better mother…actually a better everything.”

Lani W

“I feel and look amazing in my clothes after just 90 days. Overall, strength training makes me feel and look good from the inside out! I do not want this feeling to ever stop, I am hooked for life.”

Regina D

“Following Holly’s approach to strength training has changed my whole relationship with fitness and strength.   Holly created a specific training plan and taught me how to use each piece of equipment though her virtual videos. I am forever grateful. I have discovered a new kind of confidence that I never knew I was capable of. I feel strong.”

Candace T

“About seven months ago I began an intensive program, working with weights three times a week for eight weeks. Strengthening of my core has helped with my balance and overall body toning has given me a sense of confidence. The weight loss portion of my program has been successful as well with 25 pounds gone…and counting!”

Sally T