WSN FB page coverOH EM GEE! I cannot believe how long it has been since I’ve written to you. If you’ll recall, in my last letter I told you about my new baby, Women’s Strength Nation. I’m sure you know how demanding it can be to raise, nature and guide a newborn. It’s totally cray and the time flies!

If you missed my last letter I’ll let you in on the fun. I had a pretty rough stretch in 2013 and 2014. My beloved dog was dying and my marriage was ending. If that wasn’t bad enough, my 40th birthday was coming too. Wow, what a perfect storm. It was a difficult time that led me to do some deep reflection and brought me to the creation of Women’s Strength Nation.

Once the storm settled I emerged a new person. When the wounds began to heal, the woman I was supposed to be was slowly revealed. I realized that my sense of inner, spiritual strength was just as important as the physical strength that I cultivate in the gym. From this I created Women’s Strength Nation. It is a movement to help women discover their inner strength through the development of outer strength.

The response to Women’s Strength Nation has been incredible! I have received so many media requests, interviews and emails; it’s totally cray! I am passionate about helping you find the strength that lives in you, the strength that you might have lost along the way of a busy life. I will be doing this through my new website and live events.

The most exciting component of Women’s Strength Nation is a series of weekend events called Women’s Strength Nation LIVE. In partnership with Westin Hotels, we have created a workshop where you can discover and experience your personal strength while you learn everything you need to know about strength training. I will be guiding you through a curriculum that will reveal the magical strength inside of you that you may have lost touch with. It is a chance for you to identify the obstacles that have held you back from reaching your health and fitness goals. I will give you a first class education in how to cultivate your own strength, inside and out.

I created a very special strength training program that is only revealed at my Women’s Strength Nation LIVE events. I am SO excited about this program! In celebration of all this new magic, I’d like to share a small piece of the workout with you as a “Hey Thanks!” for being part of my circle of friends. You are one of my besties and I want to support your health and fitness goals.

I’ve created this workout on the Women’s Strength Nation website. It is perfect if you are just starting out, are unfamiliar with strength training, or are coming back from time away from the gym. This workout includes only three exercises so I chose the three that are the most critical for every woman. As I always say, anything is better than nothing, and this workout is the perfect solution if you need the bare minimum strength training workout.

“3 Essential Moves” Workout: Click HERE

Would LOVE to hear from you. Do you currently follow a strength training program? What else can I share with you to make your workouts even better? Please share your thoughts in the Comments below!



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