Why You Feel Dizzy When It’s Time to Eat

Do you get specific symptoms whenever it’s time to eat? Do you ever feel woozy or light headed a few hours after a meal? Listen up, cuz I’ve got some really great tips for you!

Did you know that your brain is by far the most important organ in your whole body? Even your heart can beat on it’s own if it were removed from your body! Whoa! Yep, nearly every organ in your body can chill on it’s own for a little while – but NOT your brain!

Think of your brain as the master computer for your entire body. If the power gets pulled, there is window of time where the computer can run on battery. But at some point, the computer will shut down. Your brain is exactly the same, however, as the battery begins to drain, there will be decreased function throughout your body. The brain literally reduces power to certain organs in order to preserve energy for itself.

The power input for your brain is glucose. This is just a fancy word for blood sugar. When you eat, food gets broken down into this very simple fuel that keeps your brain strong. As this fuel dwindles, your brain will begin to go into low battery mode.

Stop right now and press play on the video below to hear more about this. It’s sooooo good, so check it out! I’ll share why this happens and what to do about it!

Check out this week’s video below for more thoughts on this!

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As always, I’d love to hear from you. Do you deal with these symptoms of low blood sugar? What do you do to remedy it? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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  1. Megan Nicholson
    Megan Nicholson says:

    Thank you for breaking that down so simply! Really trying to focus on that concept moving forward….just trying to figure out what some of those quick snacks might be as it seems like I am not eating enough calories in a day but don’t know what to add into my diet to get the calories up and still maintain healthy eating/foods. One day at a time…..onward and upward! Thanks so much Holly!!


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