8:30 am Saturday, Santa Monica, Raining. POURING rain.

After surviving ten years of New York City weather, I’ve become quit a snob about rain. Most of us in Southern CA don’t like rain! So today, as I was facing a 35 minute run in the downpour, I contemplated going to my favorite coffee place (The Funnel Mill in Santa Monica!!!). I had a choice: run in the cold, windy, pouring rain, or relax and enjoy a cappuccino.

When I woke this morning I committed myself to this run. So at 8:30 I remembered this commitment. I put on my New Balance 993’s and 360 Degree Jacket and went for it. 16 minutes in all I could think about was heading back to my car for one of my favorite treats, the new Promax Fit ‘n Crisp bar. A treat seemed SO good at the moment. And this treat tastes like a Rice Crispy’s marshmallow bar!

But I did it. I stuck to my commitment, I delayed gratification, I applied self control. And that 35 minute run was so rewarding. This makes me a Do’er.

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