When You THINK You’re Bulking Up, Consider This…

Yes, women CAN bulk up from strength training!

I know that many of the popular websites and blogs say that women cannot bulk up, so please follow along with me…

Men and women have the same muscle tissue.

If given the right environment, any muscle has the potential to become larger.

Now, because of hormonal differences, men are able to build muscle WAY easier than we are.

Trust me… you will never accidentally “bulk up” to the degree than a man can.

And, if you DO want to add muscle, you will have to put in some very serious – and consistent – effort to make it happen.

Keep in mind that SOME women do build muscle more easily than others.

But most of us don’t. In my personal experience working with women for the past 25 years, I estimate that 90% of women are hard gainers. This means that it is actually very hard for you to build muscle.

I’m a hard gainer. Are you?

Or, are you interested in building more lean muscle?

In this week’s video (click below!) I’ll explain why you might THINK you’re bulking up, when you’re actually not. I’ll teach you exactly what happens in the first few weeks of starting a strength training program.

Check out this week’s new video right now…

This Week’s Exclusive Content

The Rules of Building Muscle for Women!

 As I always say, you will never get bulky by accident. It just won’t happen.

Building real muscle takes very specific focus and action.

If you are interested in building your lean muscle mass, consider these rules…

  1. You must overload your muscles. This means that you must engage in strength workouts that are challenging.
  2. You must be eating enough calories each day so that your body will signal your muscles that it’s safe to grow.
  3. You must be strategic in how much cardio you are getting. Too much cardio is a muscle-killer.
  4. You must allow rest in between your strength workouts. It is during the rest time that your muscles recover and grow from your last workout.


The quality of your next workout is dependent on the recovery from your last workout.

Want to hear even more on this topic? Join me live every Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll be talking more in depth and answering your questions. Check out “LIVE with Holly” by clicking HERE.

Stay strong, friend!

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  1. lenol
    lenol says:

    Your body needs enough vitamins and nutrients to function effectively. If you cut most of the foods that you are currently eating from your diet, you will find that you do not feel good. Also, cutting your calories drastically will cause your body to think that it is starving. As a result, it will hold on to the fat instead of shedding it, which is quite the opposite of what you want.
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  2. Shelby
    Shelby says:

    Thanks, Holly! It was discouraging initially that my jeans were getting tighter instead of looser so it’s helpful to know the cause of that. I am now in my ninth month of lifting weights and feeling great ( following your protocol in your book). I was a cardio girl but after reading your book I changed my perspective. It’s so important for women to develop muscle as they age to help them age gracefully. At 48 it’s my goal to develop as much muscle as possible so that I can stay active in my older years.

    I’d love to suggest another book from you for those readers who are now no longer beginners and have moved into intermediate weight lifting. Very few books out there for people in this category and I would love to hear what you would have to say about it. Keep up the great work! I love what you do and you have been so helpful to me personally.


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