My Story

It was a Tuesday around 5:30 AM when I crawled out of bed. As I stood up, I could feel my leg muscles contract in a way that felt solid…and powerful…and lean…and tight. As I bent over to grab my favorite lounge-y “house pants” I noticed that my tummy felt flat with absolutely no bloating. My energy was good, and even though it was 5:30 in the morning, I didn’t feel that usual morning dullness. I felt awake and alive

As I lifted my arms up to put a shirt over my head, I felt my arms and shoulders contract. They too felt tight and lean. It literally stopped me in the moment as the awareness came over me that something was different. 

I took my shirt off to check out my bod in the mirror. And I nearly started to cry.

This is the body that I’ve worked towards my whole life and I’ve finally achieved it! I’ve arrived! I’m here! And I did it!!!!

It was as if all of the pieces of the puzzle came together, and on that random Tuesday, just like that, my body became exactly what I had been trying to achieve my entire life.

My body looked incredible. I turned around in the mirror to check out my booty (yeah, girl), and back muscles. My butt felt full and lifted, and my upper back muscles were literally chiseled. I loved how my tummy and thighs looked (and felt). I looked fantastic and felt such a powerful sense of “Yay, me!” For the first time in a very long time, I was deeply and truly proud of my body. 

But what made me cry was the realization that I achieved this, AND more importantly:

  • I corrected some pretty major digestive issues
  • I got rid of debilitating allergies
  • My bathroom habits are regular for the first time ever in my life
  • I sleep deeply and wake feeling rested before my alarm
  • I overcame most of my symptoms of depression
  • I weaned myself off anxiety and depression medications
  • I have ZERO food or sugar cravings and,
  • I can gain and lose weight effortlessly whenever I choose

The system that I teach works. 

It really works. 

My approach to eating works.

The strength training principles I teach WORK.

My mental strategies and philosophies work. 

Nearly 30 years in the health and fitness industry have shown me the exact methods – proven actions – that will work for you too.

Do you want help in these areas? Do you want support?

In the past few months I’ve received more emails and messages than usual. Almost daily, I receive a message that gives me the chills. Like these…

“I’m thankful I found your Lift to Get Lean book, then The Comeback and The Glutes Project. No anxiety medicine needed with strength training in my life! The benefits of your programs are amazing and I’m so thankful!”
“Your “macros” approach to eating showed me I was eating all wrong. Using your guidebook, I’ve been able to drop 8 pounds, have no cravings, and feel so much better. Thank you for saving my life!”
“For the first time in my life I feel strong. Thank you.”

Are you ready to reach The Next Level?

In February, I will help 12 women achieve their next level in strength training, personalized nutrition and body goals.

I will be personally guiding you on a journey to achieve your specific goals. And based on my track record, I can help you take your goals from a “one day” concept to a very real “here and now” experience like I had on that random Tuesday.

Are you:

  • Frustrated because you are taking action but not seeing the results you want?
  • In a cycle where you make some progress, but then something happens and boom, you’re off track again, back to where you started?
  • Concerned that there is something unusual and unique about your body that is preventing you from reaching your goals?
  • Feeling lost and hoping for something that will actually help?
  • Sabotaging yourself right when you start to see results?
  • Confused about how to eat?
  • Working out, but not getting leaner?
  • Wishing someone would just tell you how to do it right?
  • Ready for some help so that you can start taking the right action that leads to great results?

Learn how The Next Level is going to help you…

“This is a world-class program that produces next level results” 

You’ll want to do The Next Level so that you can enjoy being in the body that you know you’re capable of achieving. 

The Next Level will help you by:

  • Providing you with a handcrafted, 100% customized 12 week Strength Plan created by me. This will show you exactly what exercises to do, how to do them, and how often.
  • Guiding you through a 12 week periodized Cardio Plan based on your specific goals and YOUR body. This will ensure that you are doing cardio properly so that you can reduce body fat correctly, and get in better shape.
  • Showing you exactly how and what to eat for your goals AND your blood type. Having a Nutrition Plan created by a certified expert will remove any guesswork and confusion.
  • Allowing access to me so that I can help you navigate challenges and maximize your results over 12 weeks.
  • Empowering you with support and accountability. You’ll be one of 12 incredible women in a mastermind-level group.

Look what Lorraine achieved in just four months…

Lorraine says,

“I am confident and proud to accomplish goals that I had no idea I could attain. I achieved a new personal record in fat loss, and I got smaller than I expected!

I learned that if you follow Holly’s program and what she tells you, and prioritize the strength training, results happen.  I know now that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

Christine accomplished this great transformation in just 3 months…

Christine says,

“I was shocked at my results.  I think I got such great results due to the nutrition aspect of the program.  I too found it very hard to believe and against so many things I was hearing. I had to reduce my protein and increase my carbohydrates!  What!?!  I can eat some pasta!?! That isn’t what I have been hearing for years, but I listened it has worked for me.  I immediately started seeing results.

But more important than the number on the scale… is what I saw in the pictures,  I couldn’t believe the energy I feel.  Most days I feel on fire!”

The Next Level includes…

  • Extensive online assessment of your current fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and habits
  • 1 hour strategy and troubleshooting call with me
  • 12 week Strength Plan specifically created for your body, your goals, your life
  • 12 week Cardio Plan customized to your body fat loss goals, lifestyle and fitness goals
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan based on your blood type
  • Video Tutorials for the strength exercises in your Strength Plan
  • 6 live group coaching calls for support and accountability
  • Direct and individual coaching from me every two weeks
  • 3% donated to charity
  • Private and exclusive group experience for networking and support

The next step is to complete the application below. If you’re right for this intimate group, I’ll reach out and schedule a one-on-one call for us to discuss in depth.

Continue below to submit your application.