Weight loss is elusive for almost every client I’ve worked with. Weight loss is hard for many. There is a really important key that you must understand in order to hold strong and feel your way to weight loss. Check out my latest blog here.

Today, for the hundredth time, a client lamented that she isn’t seeing consistent, weekly weight loss on her scale. For some reason, unfounded, people think that during weight loss attempts, the scale should decrease in a steady pace, every day, or every week. But the truth is, weight loss occurs in stages and only appears after a phase of discomfort.

Your body…hear me loudly…. is NOT designed to lose weight. We are designed to be survivors! Your complex system is fiercely skilled at protecting you from losing weight. Because if you lose weight, your species is threatened, right? Your body does not want to lose weight. Therefore, you MUST ride out phases and feel your way to weight loss.

A systematic decrease in calories-either through exercise or diet restriction- causes your body to be on alert. You must be consistent in your efforts, and if you are, within 5-10 days, your body will FINALLY give up and burn off body fat. Therefore, you’ve got to pay attention to your symptoms, because your body will send out a hunger signal JUST BEFORE it burns off that unwanted body fat.

It is darkest before the dawn! Listen closely, and feel your way: just before a drop in body weight, you will be absolutely starved. It is at this precise moment, that you can ride it out, and I promise you a drop in body fat/body weight will follow within 1-2 days. Your progress will appear JUST AFTER the moment that you are most uncomfortable.

Listen for the moment when you are hungry, exhausted, STARVED. If your goal is to lose body fat, your success is just around the corner. Embrace this moment of deep hunger, because it is a sign that you are on the right track. Welcome it even though you will be uncomfortable. It really is true that anything worth having, often comes after hard work, compromise and discomfort.

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