The Hollydays of December by Holly Perkins

Welcome to The Hollydays of December!

Join me in a celebration of joy, giving, and connection.

More than ever, I am deeply grateful for you this year. The challenges of 2020 bring to light the importance of human connection, authentic conversation, and community.

During this holiday season, I will be giving you even more free tips, tools and resources to help you elevate your life through strength training, smart nutrition, and mindset strategies.

December is very special for me as my mother, my sister, and I were all born this month. It also holds the most scared of holidays and the coming of a New Year. To honor this special month, it felt so right for me to focus on giving and celebrating YOU.

Be sure to visit this page throughout the coming weeks as I’ll be adding more events, offerings, giveaways, discounts, and all around joy!

The Hollydays of December Headquarters

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Hollydays of December Events and Offerings

I hope you’ll join me and take advantage of the fun, free, and joyous gifts I’m offering below. Stay tuned as more are coming!

1. Hollydays Coffee Date

One of the best parts of my “job” is when I get to spend time with you on the phone, getting to know you better, and just connecting. What a wonderful way to kick off this month of giving by opening up my calendar so we can chat!

I’ve opened up 15 minute time slots each week for us to grab coffee and chat. These totally free sessions are so that we can get to know each other better, catch up on life, ponder big things, or even talk about your goals and dreams. Grab a hot beverage and let’s spend some time together.

Hollydays Coffee Dates are first come, first serve. On your mark…get set….GO!

Simply click below to access my calendar and pick a time for us to connect…


2. Good Morning! Audio Recording To Start Your Day

Some of my best ideas for offerings come from you.

Last week during a Coffee Date (see above, I’ve added more free times slots), someone from the community joked that she wishes I could be there to wake her up in the morning with some words of inspiration.

If you know me, you know I take your ideas very seriously. And, I thought this was a super fun idea!

So voila! One of this week’s Hollydays of December gifts is the brand new Good Morning! audio recording.

Download this short audio recording and save it to your phone. Then, set your smart phone’s alarm to play this track. I’ll be there to wake you up with some things to remember as you start your day.

I had so much fun creating this for you, and I hope you love it.

It sparked an idea to create a series of short audio tracks for you to listen to in moments when you need some guidance. Say, if you’re on the verge of skipping a workout, I’ll be there with some words of wisdom. Or, if you’re about to eat something you know isn’t in alignment with your goals, I’ll be there to guide you in a new direction. If this idea is something you’d be in to, please comment below and let me know!

But for now, click below to download the Good Morning! audio track and save to your device…


3. Live Fireside Stretch

Join me by the roaring fire in our Pennsylvania farmhouse for a live full body stretch and recovery session!

In the video below, I lead you through my favorite stretches for all of the muscle groups in your body facilitating flexibility, mobility and recovery.

Grab a hot herbal tea (or glass of wine, if you prefer!), kick off your shoes and let’s relax. This will be a supportive and restorative session providing you with many stretches that you can use in your weekly repertoire.



4. Win a FREE 30 Minute Coaching Call

Need some guidance in your strength workouts? Not sure what you should be eating to reach your goals? Curious about how much cardio you should be doing? Let me help you.

Enter to win one of three free coaching calls that I’m giving away this month! 

How to enter to win: Visit my Holly Perkins Fitness page on Facebook and post a comment.

I’d love to learn more about your experience in my community. To enter to win this giveaway, please post a comment on my Holly Perkins Fitness page and answer one of the following questions:

  • The best thing I’ve learned from Holly is….
  • What I love most about what Holly teaches is…
  • I enjoy being in Holly’s community because…

I’ll be selecting THREE winners who will receive a totally free 30 Minute Coaching Call with me. You can use this time to discuss anything you want, or get coaching on something that you’re struggling with.

I’ll be randomly selecting the winners on Monday, December 21st. Winners will be notified via email.

Click below to visit the Holly Perkins Fitness page on Facebook and leave your comment…




5. All Upper Body Strength at Home Workout


The strength and alignment of your upper body is super important. Without the right programming and exercises to balance your upper body, there is an enhanced risk of injury to the shoulders, neck, and back. After all these years coaching people, I’ve learned that every over use injury of the elbow is due to weak shoulders.

Weak shoulders contribute to over development of certain muscles, aches and pains, and a very serious risk of injury. Additionally, it’s super important to keep the muscles of your back in balance with the muscles of your chest. In order to keep true health and balance in the upper body, it’s important to strength the muscles of your back 2-3 times more than the chest.

This year I saw more upper body issues than ever before. So I thought it would be perfect for this new Hollydays offer to be a brand new, totally free All Upper Body strength workout.

Grab your dumbbells and a handled resistance band and get ready to get strong…





I’m super excited to spend some time with you this month. Please connect with me and all the other amazing women in this community below.

And stay tuned for more fun coming soon!



18 replies
  1. Katrina H.
    Katrina H. says:

    Hi Holly! Would you know…Just a few weeks ago I was kinda wishing for a Holly stretching session! You’ve taught me such a -solid- warmup for strength training, I know you’ve got some awesome stretches to share.
    …and fireside! What a treat!

  2. Heidi Brenner
    Heidi Brenner says:

    Love the Hollydays!!
    I’m so excited for the Monday night Live Fireside Stretch!!
    Thank you for all you do!!
    It’s appreciated more than you can possibly know!! ❤️?

  3. Anne Marie
    Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for the recording – great inspiration , anytime! And YES, I’d love a recording to be my accountability conscience when I want to divert off my nutrition goals!! (especially hard this time of year for sure).

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Anne Marie! So glad you enjoyed the recording. I’m brewing up an idea that could be fun: a whole “album” of recordings for various situations. I’d be there anytime you’d need me. Stay tuned!

  4. Hannah Beth
    Hannah Beth says:

    Happy Hollydays, Holly! I just wanted to take this moment to say THANK YOU for being so generous with your time, your knowledge, and your heart! “You changed my life” sounds like such a trite phrase, but it’s true! You taught me how to take care of myself in a sustainable way, but you also took away a big fear! I’m no longer scared about “what happens next, when this stops working?” which has been a stress factor with all the diets and plans I’ve tried in the past. I’m also officially down 7 pounds and a jeans size since beginning The Nutrition Project at the end of August. I didn’t have a lot to lose, and it’s been slow and steady (AND I’ve been far from perfect, with lots of family events I tempered with your principles). So thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love 🙂

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Hannah Beth!!!!! Really and truly, THANK YOU for sharing this. This lights me up and and makes me SO happy. CONGRATS on all the good stuff!!! What a difference it makes to get your eating on track. SO happy for you. And honored to have you in the community. So much love to you.

  5. Holly Perkins
    Holly Perkins says:

    Oh my GOSH! I knew the Hollydays Coffee Date was a good idea, but I didn’t realize that so many people would be into! I’m SO excited to speak to those of who you grabbed a spot before they were gone. I may open up more spots for those of you who didn’t sign up yet!

  6. Anne Marie
    Anne Marie says:

    Wow! Kathy Connors said it all. (Go sis!!) This year was so much more positive because of the Saturday Glutey Gang and all the other challenges you provided. You are such a strong, knowledge, selfless and amazing woman. So grateful for all that you’ve done for me these past 4 years – I’m in the best place ever physically and mentally. ?

  7. Kathy Connors
    Kathy Connors says:

    Dear Holly. You were a lifesaver this year. As soon as the lockdown hit in March you reached out to share all your knowledge energy and support! Saturday workouts I still look forward to 9 months later and counting. And each workout totally different challenging yet accessible to all.
    Your Get Back on Track Challenge! Great for facing any obstacles in life. Your Nutrition Challenge was amazing! Every obstacle to eating can be overcome ! You know what you are talking about. You love teaching and you are great at it. Your classes are a joy. This year your classes gave me insight fitness fun and connection I needed so much. I’m so glad you feel great about this year too! You are awesome. Thank you!

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Awwwww Kathy, thank you. This comment means a ton to me. It’s life – thank you thank you. It’s been an honor to do so much this year. Funny, last night I too was thinking about how our Saturday workouts started as a temporary thing, and look at us now. And not so funny, is that we all thought COVID was going to be a temporary thing too. Honored to have you in this incredible community, and truly love your comments, shares, and support.


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