In my early twenties I was passionate about distance running. As many days as possible during the week I would hit Central Park in New York City- despite frigid cold, or brutal humidity- and run 4-8 miles. I loved running; it was the one time of day when I felt free, allowing my mind to wonder and dream up some amazing things. It was the one time of the day when I felt like…me.

On the days when I didn’t run I followed a general strength and conditioning program to improve strength and muscular endurance. I knew that strength was key in supporting my body to withstand the repetitive stress from distance running. Despite my commitment to training, I suffered from increasing knee problems that plagued me every day. Because I adored my daily runs, I chose to “ignore” my knee pain and run through it. Sometimes circumstance is not merely “mind over matter” as I was not able to run away from increasing knee pain.

Reluctant to give up any of my weekly runs, I did everything I could to rehab my body in between. I stretched, iced, stretched, Advil’d, stretched, heated, wrapped and taped. Keeping me walking was nearly a full time job! I was able to suffer through the miles for about a year, and one night it became clear that I needed to change my tune.

I was at the movies on a date and could not sit still. Literally. Both of my knees ached so badly that I literally had to keep shifting in my seat to reposition my legs to relieve my knee pain. It was misery for both my date, and myself. I finally had to throw in the towel and leave the movie theatre to walk off my excruciating knee pain.

In the months that followed I realized the severity of my injury. Once I stopped running, it took months of physical therapy, yoga, swimming, rest – and more stretching, and Advil- to begin the feel normal. It took months to start feeling and behaving like a normal human being at movies and stairwells. To my surprise, I learned that running was my emotional coping mechanism in life. And when you take away a coping mechanism…you find yourself in trouble and depressed!

By the time that I had fully rehabbed both knees and learned to process my life differently, my love for running had waned. I was never able to fully regain my deep love and commitment to runs. While it is a bit sad, I do believe that it was in the best interest of my health.

As the years passed and I learned more about my body and how to train it appropriately, I learned that I had a very severe asymmetry between my right and left sides. My legs literally did not run with the same mechanics. And thus was the entire culprit of my knee injuries. I had a very substantial leg-length discrepancy (a very common misalignment involving the hips and legs that can be fixed) that caused my feet to hit the ground differently, and therefore exposed my knee joints to sheering forces that inflamed the posterior side of my patellas. While this is an incredibly common disorder, it does require a thorough assessment and treatment plan to correct it.

I am thrilled and honored to be part of the team responsible for bringing advanced technology into the hands of recreational and professional athletes. Thanks to Equilibrium, athletes will be able to monitor and assess their running gait and sport movement mechanics to ensure proper alignment and movement patterns. In one short assessment, I would have discovered my leg-length discrepancy long before it had the chance to cause so much injury to my joints. A tool like Equilibrium might have changed my future by allowing me to correct the muscular imbalances that caused my asymmetry. The implications of this kind of technology are limitless and can be applied to every sport and human movement pattern.

The future of fitness is here. Athletes, coaches and physical therapists are now able to make immediate decisions in the treatment and programming for athletes through the Equilibrium software.

These days I love weekly hikes in the canyons, yoga, and light jogs. But I would be lying if I said that my spirit doesn’t miss the 8-mile runs in Central Park as I dreamed up my plans to conquer the world.

Keep an eye on this company and stay tuned for updates from me on how you can get access to Equilibrium in it’s early stages of release!

You can visit http://vayu.tech for more cool info.



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  1. Staci
    Staci says:

    I love my runs too but I too have noticed that I am off asymmetrically as well and I feel it in my left hip and hamstring. Any advice on how I can fix this on my own?


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