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I remember when I was in my twenties I was particularly interested in aloe vera. At the time, I had some digestion issues and knew that aloe vera could help. Well, be completely honest, I was constipated beyond belief and was desperate for something natural to help me. There was this amazing mom-and-pop-type health food store on the Upper West Side of New York that was my destination for everything healthy. The owner directed me to a big bottle of aloe vera “juice” and suggested that I drink it. I was so excited to find something plant-based to help my…situation. I rushed home and immediately drank the suggested serving, hopeful for relief. As soon as I finished drinking the glassful, I turned around and threw away the entire bottle. It was disgusting, and I was willing to accept being constipated over having to drink more of the juice.

Aloe vera has stood the test of time, and we continue to discover more health benefits from both consuming it, and using it topically. I was recently introduced to a beverage that is a far cry from the horrible, gloppy aloe juice from my past. Aloe Gloe has created an incredible aloe water that incorporates real aloe into a drink that is subtly sweet and incredibly palatable. I started to wonder more about the true health benefits of consuming aloe vera and did some research.


Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

  • High in polyphenols, a class of compounds with high antioxidant powers
  • Antibacterial, and thereby reduces dental plaque
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity and assists in stabilizing blood sugar
  • Calming to the digestive tract
  • Source of natural compounds, minerals, and enzymes

I had the honor of being a part of a recent event hosted by Aloe Gloe in Santa Monica. I created a strength-based workout for the attendees and taught them the principles of effective movement. While any strength training is great, proper execution of the movement is even better. How you perform the repetitions of any exercise determines how effective the move is. By emphasizing the “easy” phase of strength moves, and moving quickly during the “hard” phase, you will get so much more out of any workout. This is the basis of my book Lift to Get Lean where I share my 3 Step System to Strength Training.

I’m really enjoying Aloe Gloe as a water substitute for the days when I’m tired of drinking plain water. Because of the carbohydrate content, aloe water is actually more hydrating than plain water. I’ve always found coconut water too sweet and love that Aloe Gloe has just a hint of sweet.

If you get a chance to try Aloe Gloe, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share with me in the Comments section below!

Check out the photos and video recap from the event below!

Aloe Gloe collage











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  1. Morgan Talbot
    Morgan Talbot says:

    Love it! It’s crazy how much one little plant can help with so many things. There is another subspecies of Aloe called Aloe arborescens that is said to be packed with a ton of benefits for a person’s immune system as well. I was reading this article and that’s how I started learning about all the things that Aloe supplements can do in the first place.

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Thank you for sharing, Morgan! The aloe plant has so many health benefits and can be helpful for plenty of different things. Love this simple yet highly effective superfood!

      In Strength,


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