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Gah! Monday was ROUGH this week! You know those days when seemingly for no reason at all you wake up, and daaaang, it’s a rough one? That was me this week.

There are many reasons why these days occur. I believe that it comes with the territory of being a woman – our hormones fluctuate every single day. Additionally, things like stress, workouts, alcohol, salt, and restaurant food can contribute. While I do very much believe in mind over matter, I also believe that the human body will often trump your best attempt to have a good attitude and smile your way to a happy day. Some days body chemistry is simply wonky!

I’ve been wrestling for months about sharing this recipe with you today. In complete sincerity, I’m sharing one of my top secrets with you. Why have I kept it a secret? Because this topic is a bit controversial and complex. I’m going to try my best to make this simple for you.

I discovered a recipe for the most amazing cup of coffee (with protein!) that can be used to completely reset a foggy and groggy Monday-morning brain. This recipe is also an insanely convenient way to turn your morning cup of coffee (or tea) into a great breakfast. Some days I use this recipe when I want to attack a workout and want a super charge.

In the video below I share my recipe with you. You can enjoy this drink whenever, but if you want to use it for an effective morning Brain Reset, you’ll want to keep reading below. When you click below you’ll be directed to my Blog. There I also share some reasons why this concoction works to super charge your brain and why I like these ingredients.

 Take a few minutes and check out my video, then read below to turn this cup of coffee into my Brain Reset.


While there may be several reasons for your fog-of-the-day, I have found that this little 6 hour protocol will shift even the worst hangover or hormone-induced brain malfunction. Say “buh-bye” to Monday morning blahs.

My Brain Reset

  1. Head straight to your kitchen and brew up a cup of coffee the way that I show you in the video below.
  2. While your drinking it – and coming to life – determine what time you had dinner the night before. 6:00 PM? 7:00 PM?
  3. Turn that time into AM and add 6 hours. For example, if you had dinner at 7:00 PM the night before, that time becomes 7:00 AM and you add 6 hours to arrive at 1:00 PM.
  4. Do not eat anything else until 1:00 PM that day; then have a balanced lunch.

Basically what’s happening is that you are fasting for 18 hours with the assistance of the strategic ingredients in the coffee. Without getting into citing the research here, trust me, there is tons of research that supports my approach.

The 18 hour “fast” shifts your hormones, blood sugar and brain chemistry into a super sharp, lighting fast, creative machine. It also resets your appetite to take away sugar cravings.

Hot Tip

1 of 2 things are going to happen. 1) You’re going to feel amazing with high energy and no appetite for the rest of the day or 2) You’re going to feel amazing but have some hunger mid-morning. It’s really important that you fight through any hunger pangs that come in. Part of the brilliance of this approach is to “ignore” your hunger until you hit that 18 hour point when you can eat lunch. No matter what happens, it’s important to eat a balanced lunch 18 hours after dinner the night before.


This week’s special Blog content

 Why This Recipe is Special

 As I mention in the video below, I created this recipe after I fell in love with Dave Asprey’s BulletProof Coffee. His version of “butter coffee” has its critics who feel that his recipe isn’t so…scientific.

While I see why his critics question the validity of his recipe, I will say that if you make a cup of coffee using his specific recipe of high quality fresh coffee beans, ghee and his proprietary Brain Octane coconut oil, there is a huge difference in how you feel in the 6-8 hours after.

I love coffee in all forms, but in the past few years I’ve noticed that the fallout far outweighs the benefits. The crash I feel in the afternoon after a regular cup of coffee or espresso is pretty awful.

The combination of stable fat (ghee), high caprylic acid coconut oil (Brain Octane), and mold-free fresh coffee beans (BulletProof brand) changes how your body processes the caffeine that is in the coffee. Additionally, by adding protein to the drink, you are giving your body and brain the amino acids needed to function. While I could write on and on about why I believe this concoction is special, I’ll leave you with the benefits I have personally seen from using this recipe 1-2 times per week. The ghee provides an incredible stable fat that makes me feel satisfied. The Brain Octane puts my mind into crystal clear, creative, acuity. The caffeine from clean beans gives me a great boost with absolutely no fallout in the afternoon. The protein combined with fats and caffeine cuts my appetite and kills that feeling of always being hungry when I know I don’t need food. There is something about this concoction that just makes me feel stable, energized and clear-headed.

Check out this week’s video below for my recipe!

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As always, I’d love to hear from you. Have you personally tried a recipe like this? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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