Welcome Saturday Gluty Gang!

Below you will find the recordings from recent Saturday workouts.

While you can complete these workouts without equipment, the following is suggested…

  • light dumbbells
  • heavy dumbbells
  • handled resistance band

Please leave a comment below after the workout and tell me the thing you loved the most about it!


May 23 Workout




May 16 Workout




May 9 Workout




May 2 Workout




April 25 Workout




April 18 Workout




April 11 Workout




April 4 Workout




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6 replies
  1. Jessica Hohenstein
    Jessica Hohenstein says:

    Hi Holly! Thank you so much for posting these! I couldn’t make it to the workout yesterday morning, and I was so bummed. These Saturday workouts are completely changing my squats! My booty is getting so strong. Also, I love the single leg deadlift with a band!

  2. Mel Butcher
    Mel Butcher says:

    I did your workout on Saturday, and today I am feeling it! It feels good to feel the muscle soreness though, it’s a good feeling😊 It means I was working hard. I really appreciated your constant comments on keeping form, it’s so easy to forget to keep it in check.
    I am looking forward to doing the workout again this week.
    Thank you Holly

  3. Emel
    Emel says:

    Thank you, Holly for sharing the workout for those who missed the live workout.
    Can’t wait to do it :). Love your workouts, it’s fun to do and very effective. Thank you 😊


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