Kick Start Your Dream Body

Pause for a moment and think back to the start of this year.

What was going on in your life? Can you remember?

And do you remember how incredible it felt to declare your New Year’s goals for 2018?

The big question is…

Have you achieved those goals this year?

(I’m holding my breath cheering for you; please say YES!)

Even if you didn’t achieve those goals (yet), I bet that you are closer to them than you were at the start of this year, right?

I have a proposition for you…

It is now the middle of September. If you start right nowyou will be able to roll into the holidays in your best body ever.


You’ve got just under four months to rock out this year, and enter 2019 living in the body that you want…the body that you envision for yourself.

I want this email update to serve as a wake-up call and a source of inspiration for you. You’ve still got time to achieve ALL of your 2018 goals! We’ve got almost four whole monthsuntil the end of this year. Let’s do this!

Let’s STEP UP and start taking action now, and enjoy this coming holiday season feeling lean, strong, EMPOWERED.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to ring in 2019?

Check out this week’s new video right now. In it, I share with you the 3 things that you need in order to transform your body this year…

This Week’s Exclusive Content

Ready to kick start your dream body? Not sure where to begin? I got you covered!

First, you’ll need a strength training plan and cardio program. CLICK HERE to get my free 6 Week Interim Workout.

Next, you want to be strategic in your nutrition plan to truly maximize your results. CLICK HERE to download my totally free, 14-page Macros 101 Guidebook.

These two programs are the foundation to all of my coaching programs. If you are just getting started, these two downloads are a PERFECT place to begin.

Want to hear even more on this topic?Join me live every Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll be talking more in depth and answering your questions. Check out “LIVE with Holly” by clicking HERE.

Stay strong, friend!

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