How to Use Cardio (PROPERLY) to Burn Fat

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Nearly every single woman that I coach is either doing too much cardio, or doing it improperly and therefore completely wasting her time.

Yep, that probably includes you too. Booooo!

Cardio is both useful and important when it’s done properly. The problem that most women have is that they aren’t sure exactly what “properly” means. Do you?

In today’s video below I share one simple tip that you can do to radically change your fat burning efforts. This ONE tool is all you need to turn your cardio workouts into fat burning magic. Be sure to click on the video below to learn what you can do to optimize your workouts and get results better and faster.

There is a secret number that I consider the Window of Opportunity in cardio workouts. This number is a precise heart rate where your body is emphasizing fatty acids as your primary fuel during the workout. This number is so magical because if you are above it, your body will demand more carbohydrates for the workout leading to unnecessary hunger, carb cravings and fatigue after the workout. If you are below the Window of Opportunity, you won’t be maximizing the number of calories burned during the workout.

There is a sweet spot where your body will burn as much fat as possible without tapping into stored carbohydrates for fuel. In a perfect world, carbohydrates will stay in your muscles and liver and never be used for workouts. Now, you don’t live in a perfect world, but you can create the environment where your body prioritizes fats over carbs.

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There are three reasons for doing cardio:

  1. To improve fitness
  2. To improve heart health
  3. To burn fat

The way that you tweak cardio workouts to achieve one of the above goals is by engaging in a cardio activity that puts your heart rate into specific zones. Different heart rates correlate with the different goals above.

Your body enters into a fat burning metabolism when your heart rate is around 70% of your maximum. It’s easy to determine your heart rate number needed to emphasize fat burning. The bigger challenge is ensuring that you are actually working at the right effort level.

Enter…the heart rate monitor!

To me, it just doesn’t make any sense to do cardio unless you are monitoring your heart rate. And to do that right you really need a heart rate monitor.

There are plenty of good ones on the market and here are my favorites:

Holly’s Top Heart Rate Monitors 

Check out this week’s video below for more thoughts on this!

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As always, I’d love to hear from you. Do you monitor your heart rate during your workotus? If so, by what method? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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  1. Lexy
    Lexy says:

    Hi Holly! This is unrelated to this great post! I recently purchased your book Lift to Get Lean, and I’m planning to start the Newbie program. I just have one question that I couldn’t seem to figure out in the book. Should we do circuits or “straight sets” for each day’s program? Thanks for the clarification!


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