For years I used to show up for my workouts without any pre-planning or strategy.

I would simply show up at the gym when it was convenient, and do whatever I felt like doing.

I had no awareness of what I had eaten before, and no real strategy for what I would eat after.

Most of the time I would walk in with a bad attitude and no real desire to workout. I would simply hope and wish for a good workout, and pray for good energy.

It’s probably not a surprise that 90% of my workouts sucked. In fact, it was rare that I would have a good workout.

Things all changed around my 40th birthday. I was determined to get into better shape and willing to adopt new practices to do so.

Because I was committed to changing my body, I knew that I also had to change my mindset.

And this is exactly when my personal fitness really changed. This is when I got into GREAT shape.

I cultivated behaviors and specific mental strategies that would ensure awesome workouts every time.

These days it’s rare that I don’t have a good workout. So rare, that it almost never happens.

Every workout is great. I look forward to – almost – every session. I make progress every week and I feel completely in charge of my body.

Want to know some of my best tips?

Check out this week’s new video below… 

Also! Another way that I crush my workout is great music. I ALWAYS have awesome music in my ears when I work out.

We thought it would be fun to share with you our personal playlists for workouts. Click below for my favorite tunes, as well as Cindy’s and Kia’s playlists!

Check out Holly’s Spotify playlist HERE 

Check out Cindy’s Spotify playlist HERE 

Check out Kia’s Spotify playlist HERE

Holly started Women’s Strength Nation to improve the ratio of women to men strength training around the world. You can Join the Movement by sharing your thoughts and questions below. Your thoughts and ideas may help another woman’s journey. Please join the conversation and leave a comment below!

Stay strong, friend. 

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