Holly Perkins Tips For Training Programs


Live Workshop on How To Create Your Own Training Plan

Are you a DIY-er? Are you a bit of a fitness nerd like me and prefer to create your own workout plans?

Join me for this live workshop and I’ll show you a peek inside of my mind as I create plans for my clients and community.

In this video, we cover The 5 Components of Fitness so that you can feel confident in being a well rounded “athlete.”

You’ll learn…

  • Programming principles for developing muscular strength

  • When to follow planning for muscular endurance

  • What it means to train for body composition and the factors that impact it

  • How often to include flexibility and mobility sessions in your week

  • Why cardiovascular fitness sessions are a must, and not as simple as doing “cardio”

This workshop will help you map out your macro and micro training cycles so you can feel confident and get the results you want.

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