In addition to being the New Balance Fitness Ambassador, I am a personal trainer most days of the week. While my clients come in all shapes and sizes, and have varied fitness goals, there is one request that I hear regularly: “I need to get in shape fast for a big event this weekend!” I get asked this so often that I’ve developed my special recipe for success. After almost 20 years in the fitness industry and many hours working with celebrities, models, and athletes, I’ve developed 5 steps to get you slim in 5 days. Keep in mind that these 5 steps will make you slimmer and lean quickly, but the results aren’t completely fat loss. A 1-3 pound water loss with these steps is expected. If you lose more weight than that, you can know for sure it’s real fat loss. And remember, this is specifically a short term program to help you drop a few pounds quickly. It is not my recipe for optimal, long term healthy living!

  1. Dramatically reduce your intake of grain-based foods such as wheat, bread, pastas, crackers, rice, tortilla, cold cereal and yes, even healthy grains like quinoa. The fewer you eat in these 5 days the slimmer you’ll be by the weekend. Ideally, you will eat none! Focus instead on eating plenty of vegetables.
  2. Avoid all salt. Take a moment and read the labels of any foods that you eat. Aim for 100 mg of sodium or less per food item, and avoid adding any table salt to prepared foods.
  3. Perform moderate intensity cardio such as walking, light jogging, hiking, cycling, Ellipitcal for 60-75 minutes every day for the 5 days.
  4. Eat as many dark green vegetables as possible, with a minimum of 3 servings and a maximum of 5 each day. Your best bets are asparagus, kale, swiss chard, spinach.
  5. Drink one bag of Dandelion Root tea per day. Steep according to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Simultaneously increase your plain water consumption for the first 3 days. Then on days 4 and 5, decrease your water intake to ½ of your normal days intake.

Often my clients will say: “Do I have to do ALL of these steps???” The answer is this: the more determined you are to feel different in 5 days, the more precisely you need to follow these steps. If you’d like to feel a little better by the weekend, follow steps 1,3 and 4. And if you want a complete makeover, follow all 5 religiously and you will Get Skinny in 5!

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