I am absolutely heartbroken at the closing of Exercise TV. If you haven’t already figured it out, Exercise TV closed it’s doors recently. More painful is to know that it closed not because of failure, but because a larger corporation bought out and deemed the network too small to invest time into.

After 4 years of working with Exercise TV and creating almost 100 exercise videos, I am beside myself to learn that I have no rights to any of my videos. This is the way it goes, and ultimately it’s all cool. Right now, the powers that be are deciding if the entire Ex TV catalog of videos will be sold off to a new company. In which case, you will be able to find all of my exercise videos again. Until that gets decided I have no ability to get my hands on 20 Minute Sweat, Celebrity Shred or any of my short form content.

Once the dust has settled I will be aggressively trying to buy back the rights to my videos so that I can offer them to my loyal exercising followers. Until then this is what I have to offer you:

I have some copies left of Fitness 360 which is my most recent workout system. I LOVE this workout system and created it with New Balance. It is 3 workouts: a 20 minute full body (similar to 20 Minute Sweat); a 10 minute yoga type workout; a 10 minute full body strength workout. In addition, this DVD system is unique because I also created a 30 day workout schedule to follow when using the DVD. AND, for the low, low price of $11.99 you ALSO get my Nutrition Plan FOR FREE. (I’m trying to sound like one of the info-mercials on late night television…is it working?) I created this Nutrition Plan from the depths of my soul with almost 20 years experience going into the system. I hope my 20 Minute Sweat fans will try out Fitness 360. I know you’ll love it. If you are interested in buying Fitness 360, please email me at:


When a door closes, a window opens.

Because of this experience with Ex TV, I have decided to produce my own BRAND NEW exercise video! In April I will be creating, producing and filming a FABULOUS – seriously, it’s going to be amazing – new workout system DVD. I will be using 20 Minute Sweat as inspiration so that you will get the 2.0 version. I hope to have this DVD available just in time for Summer beach season! I think it might just be my best idea yet.

Please stay posted, don’t abandon me just yet. I will keep you posted on the details of my newest exercise video!

Please, share your comments with me. I read every single post you add, and take a good deal of my inspiration from you. Share your fitness wishes and questions with me.

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