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Did you know that my life changed when I stopped eating chicken? It’s true. For the past 5 years I have only eaten chicken on rare occasions.

This one small tweak was the solution to my years-long battle with inexplicable reactive hypoglycemia. It was also a massive tweak that was paramount to me getting into the best shape of my life at 40. This change also made me feel a million times better when I climb a flight of stairs. For my body, chicken is like poison. If you are a B blood type, it’s quite possible the same applies for you.

Without going into too much detail here – I’ll share all of the juicy details tomorrow on “LIVE with Holly” on Facebook – I will share that I have been hugely interested in this dietary approach ever since I first read Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Peter D’Adamo.

The science is simple: Your blood type can be traced back to specific geographic regions millions of years ago. Those regions were limited to the foods that were as indigenous as the people. In short, your blood is happiest when it gets the familiar compounds of its youth. Peter D’Adamo and his father coined tons of research and showed exactly how each blood type changed visibly under a microscope when it was exposed to various food compounds. They proved that some foods act like a very beneficial medicine to certain blood types, and like pure poison to another blood type. A great example here is dairy. For B blood types, dairy is highly beneficial and for A’s and O’s it’s highly toxic. Same food; different reaction.

I credit some of my success to this science. This approach to eating radically changed my life, and I have since incorporated it into my coaching programs. I know that the success my clients are seeing is a direct result.

When I first read the book, I was totally overwhelmed by trying to figure out which foods I could eat, and which I should avoid. It was just too much! Over the years, I have been able to determine that each blood type has only 2 or 3 rules that are the most influential. Instead of trying to learn every food item to eat, I began leaning on the broad rules for direction. And it worked great to bring about better health, energy and weight loss for my clients and me.

Curious? Check out this week’s video below to learn more.

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As always, I’d love to hear from you. Have you found some of this to be true for you? Are there certain foods that are just POISON in your body?? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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  1. Staci
    Staci says:

    Hi Holly! Thanks for this info, it is very interesting, i am going to give it a try. You mention that you very rarely eat chicken but you do mention in other blogs about eating turkey. They are both poultry so what’s the difference? Also is finding organic turkey breast easy? As always thanks for all of the helpful information you always share with us!!

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Hello Stacy,

      So happy to hear you will be giving it a try. I talked a lot more about it in my last Facebook Live video. Here is the link if you didnt catch it:

      Great question about the chicken and turkey, according to Dr.Peter D’Adamo work and research the protein structure of chicken and turkey are actually different. Even though they are both poultry, they are handled differently according to blood type eating.
      And yes, you can find turkey breast pretty easy at your local super market. I usually get my turkey breast at Whole Foods.

      Stay strong and thank you for being a part of my lil community


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