Lean muscle mass is the foundation to everything you do.

A strong musculature allows you to perform better during workouts and life. Your muscles are the very thing that hold you up against gravity all day long. Think about it…if your muscles are weak, you’re bound to be wiped out at the end of the day.

Something I teach my clients nearly every day is…

You don’t become fit during your workout. You become fit during recovery.

The goal of your strength workouts is to work hard. Then, in between workouts while you rest, your body makes the adaptations necessary to improve your strength or increase muscle. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to RECOVER HARD!

I’ve always believed that without health and wellness, life wouldn’t be a whole lotta fun. In my world, wellness is everything.

It is in your wellness habits that you either foster or limit your body’s ability to recover well from workouts.

It’s really important that you carve out at least one or two ways that you can ensure your wellness every single day.

Imagine if your days were better energized, less stressful, and more fun! It’s an option, ya know?

Check out this week’s new video right now. In it, I share some of the things that I do every day to keep myself up and running optimally. These things WORK, and they help me recover from workouts. During times of heavy training, I lean into these practices even more. These are my favorite wellness tips…check them out right now!

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  1. Mirian Lifsic
    Mirian Lifsic says:

    And for improving my sleep I were amber glasses 👓 when the sun ☀️ comes down, and during the night , a thick mask on my 👀 and ears👂

  2. Mirian Lifsic
    Mirian Lifsic says:

    What I do first every day is going to bed 🛌 at 10 pm and get up next day at 8 am (skiing days) or at 9 am (every other day). My problem there is that I wake up many times during the night to pee.
    Second, once I am in bed at night I do 5’ relaxing breathing.
    Third, I have massages twice a week and sauna too.
    And fourth, I do inversion yoga position for 5’ every other day.
    Also when I have time, I do recovery cardio in a stationary bicycle for 20’, especially on ski days.


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