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How To Never Skip A Workout Again

An excuse is really just a way of letting yourself off the hook from something.  It doesn’t mean you’re lazy. It means it’s time to find a new approach to your success. I believe that one of the reasons why I’m effective as a coach and expert is because, really and truly, I’m just like […]

The Truth Behind Eating “Whatever” You Want

Cal-o-ries: Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night. Calories have gotten a bad rap. It’s as if watching your calorie intake means you’ve joined the “diet culture” contingent and are now doomed to a life devoid of happiness. What if you could shift your relationship […]

Simple Steps for Detoxing

Frequent sauna use may protect against cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease. Regular sauna use is a powerful tool in my personal health journey. When I saw this study it became very clear why it has had such a profound effect in helping reduce physical pain, improve detoxification, alleviate symptoms of depression, and sleep better than ever. In […]

Muscle is Your Best Friend and Sarcopenia is The Enemy

Sarcopenia is a fact of life and a well-known medical condition that means you’ll lose up to 2% of your muscle EVERY YEAR after the age of 50.  Sarcopenia results in frailty, loss of independence, physical disability, and increased mortality in older adults. And trust me, you don’t want that. The good news is that […]

Transforming Your Body (and Your Life) With Strength Training

Transforming Your Body (and Your Life) With Strength Training Join me for a very special episode of Hot Tea with Holly where I’m joined by two very special women in my community, Jennifer Been and Heidi Brenner. If you haven’t met them yet, Jennifer and Heidi both exemplify many of the philosophies that I talk […]

Protein Perfect Breakfast Cake

Originally published December 2016 and updated March 2021 Protein Perfect Breakfast Cake Your solution for breakfast that has perfectly balanced macronutrients, no sugar, no gluten, and only a handful of ingredients. After tinkering with this recipe for years and years, I landed on a favorite. Since then, thousands of women have relied on this simple […]

How To Create Your Own Training Plan

  Live Workshop on How To Create Your Own Training Plan Are you a DIY-er? Are you a bit of a fitness nerd like me and prefer to create your own workout plans? Join me for this live workshop and I’ll show you a peek inside of my mind as I create plans for my […]

Live Community Workout with Holly Perkins

Welcome to the Holly Perkins Workout! Below you will find the recordings from recent Saturday Glutey Gang workouts and live Holly Perkins Workout. Each week, Holly Perkins BS, CSCS will lead you through a live workout that’s free! If you’d like to sign up and join us for a Live Community Workout, CLICK HERE to […]

All Upper Body | Strength At Home

All Upper Body Strength Workout That You Can Do At Home Grab some dumbbells and a handled resistance band for this super effective, strength-based workout that you can do anywhere. Upper body strength is important to keep your spine and shoulder girdle in proper alignment. This improves your ability to lift, push and pull safely […]

Full Body Stretch and Recover

60 Minute Full Body Stretch and Recovery   Join me for a full body stretch and recovery routine that you can do anytime. Just hit play and follow along. Use this video anytime you want to improve flexibility, facilitate recovery from workouts, or create a sense of overall well being. I teach you a mixture […]

The Hollydays of December

Welcome to The Hollydays of December! Join me in a celebration of joy, giving, and connection. More than ever, I am deeply grateful for you this year. The challenges of 2020 bring to light the importance of human connection, authentic conversation, and community. During this holiday season, I will be giving you even more free […]

Stay on Track Through The Holidays

Stay on track through the holidays with these tips “I’ve been off track since the Halloween candy and I can’t seem to get myself straight” she told me when I asked her what she’s struggling with the most right now. “And I’m worried because the holidays are right around the corner, so if I don’t […]

Strength Training Mistakes (Are You Making These?)

Are you making these strength training mistakes? In order for strength training to truly serve you, it’s got to be done correctly. When it comes to strength training… Anything is better than nothing. So relieve yourself of the pressure to be perfect. As long as you are picking up some weights 2-3 times every week, […]

Why I’m a Fan of Macronutrient Balancing

updated July 13, 2020 It all started in college as I was learning about nutrition and basic human physiology… There are three – and only 3 – “macronutrients” that supply calories. And these three are each equally important for numerous biological functions.  Carbohydrates are important for supplying energy. Protein is important for providing the building […]

How To Get a Great Workout at Home With Limited Equipment

Want to know how to get a great workout at home when you’ve got limited equipment? Prior to 2020 I avoided working out at home at all costs. Personally, I love the vibes, energy and equipment selection a gym has to offer. But alas….2020…sigh. Things have changed, and for me, I’m actually really surprised and […]