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Bare Minimum Strength Workout

Know you should be strength training, but only want to do the bare minimum? This one’s for you. When it comes to strength training, more is not always better. And, you really do have to complete a minimum “volume” of work each week in order to see some progress. That being said, my preference is […]

The Struggle is Real. How to Get Out of It.

This past year has really done a number on me. The short story is that I lived in a toxic apartment for six years. Environmental mold is no joke and a very serious health concern as it literally attacks your central nervous system and immune system. My body was really suffering on a biological level […]

Anxiety | The Survival Guide

Spring 2016… It seemed to come out of nowhere. One day I finished a really tough workout from The GLUTES Project. I squatted a new PR of 125 lbs and was sooooooo excited and proud of myself. I was high! It was literally the best feeling in the world. It is exactly why I do what […]

Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

After coaching men and women for nearly 25 years I’ve got some things figured out. I certainly don’t know everything. But I’m 100% certain about the considerations I share in today’s video about nutrition. I’ll even go so far as to say, these are mistakes that you want to avoid in 2019. Three of the […]

The Truth About “Bulking Up”

(updated Sept 17, 2019) Yes, women CAN bulk up from strength training! In fact, it would be chauvinistic to say that we can’t. I know that many of the popular websites and blogs say that women cannot bulk up, so please follow along with me… Men and women have the same muscle tissue. If given the […]

Top Weight Loss Myths

It is estimated that the weight loss industry is around $170 BILLION annually. Basic economics tells us that clearly, there is major demand for weight loss products. With this much money at play, the world you live in is ripe territory for lots of interesting angles on the best ways to lose weight. And wow, […]

Powerful Strategies for Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are officially upon us! Gahhhhhh! Now begins some of the hardest tests to a person’s mindset and mental strength. Because here’s the deal… January 1st, 2019 is going to happen. And you’re going to be there. Are you going to arrive there feeling AWESOME about yourself? Or, are you going to navigate the holidays […]

Why I’m a Fan of Eating According to Macros

It all started in college as I was learning about nutrition and basic human physiology… There are three – and only 3 – “macronutrients” that supply calories. And these three are each equally important for numerous biological functions.  Carbohydrates are important for supplying energy. Protein is important for providing the building blocks to our body […]

The NEW Rules of Weight Loss (When Strength Training)

If you’re trying to lose weight, let’s stop for a minute and define “weight loss.” It’s important that you get crystal clear on exactlywhat you’re trying to achieve. It’s commonplace in our daily language to use the phrase, “I’m trying to lose weight” or “My goal is to lose weight.” And while using a phrase […]

Harnessing the Power to Say “No”

Listen up extra hard if you feel tapped out. This year I have been feeling tappppppped OUT. Last month I daydreamed about getting away to a cabin in the woods…and not coming back. Can you relate? It is in our DNA as women to be caregivers…to take care of everyone else’s needs at the expense […]

Strength Training for Burnout

As I started to listen more closely, I found myself deeply concerned. Probably 70% of the women I speak with report the symptoms of burnout. Many women have been formally diagnosed with some degree of adrenal fatigue or insufficiency. At first, I assumed that what these women were explaining was simply run-of-the-mill fatigue. Most often, […]