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Stay on Track Through The Holidays

Stay on track through the holidays with these tips “I’ve been off track since the Halloween candy and I can’t seem to get myself straight” she told me when I asked her what she’s struggling with the most right now. “And I’m worried because the holidays are right around the corner, so if I don’t […]

Strength Training Mistakes (Are You Making These?)

Are you making these strength training mistakes? In order for strength training to truly serve you, it’s got to be done correctly. When it comes to strength training… Anything is better than nothing. So relieve yourself of the pressure to be perfect. As long as you are picking up some weights 2-3 times every week, […]

Why I’m a Fan of Macronutrient Balancing

updated July 13, 2020 It all started in college as I was learning about nutrition and basic human physiology… There are three – and only 3 – “macronutrients” that supply calories. And these three are each equally important for numerous biological functions.  Carbohydrates are important for supplying energy. Protein is important for providing the building […]

How To Get a Great Workout at Home With Limited Equipment

Want to know how to get a great workout at home when you’ve got limited equipment? Prior to 2020 I avoided working out at home at all costs. Personally, I love the vibes, energy and equipment selection a gym has to offer. But alas….2020…sigh. Things have changed, and for me, I’m actually really surprised and […]

Time For a Mental Tune Up?

Feel like it’s time for a mental tune up? I’m obsessed with helping you use strength training and nutrition to transform your body, and your life. In order to do that effectively (and super quickly) it helps to be also working on your mindset. Without a strong mental strategy, it’s hard to stay on track […]

Get You Sweaty Superset Workout

This Get You Sweaty Superset Workout will make you feel strong in less than 30 minutes. Most of the time I really prefer straight set protocols when helping women transform their body through strength training. See, straight sets (and progressive programming) is the best way to ensure that you “overload” your muscle’s current ability, leading […]

The Difference Between a Meal and Pre Workout Fuel

The best way to get a good workout is to eat the right pre workout fuel. Last week I was speaking with one of my clients and she mentioned having had a really bad run. Personally, I don’t think there is anything worse than a bad workout. And, a great workout leaves you feeling empowered, […]

How to Train Arms (Effectively)

Summer is coming and we’ll be emerging with some serious cabin fever! Now is the time to spend some focused attention on getting your arms ready for tank top season. Listen, even the fittest body in the world deals with some degree of arm jiggle. And no one likes the arm jiggle. For me, there […]

Live Community Workout with Holly Perkins

Welcome to the Holly Perkins Workout! Below you will find the recordings from recent Saturday Glutey Gang workouts and live Holly Perkins Workout. Each week, Holly Perkins BS, CSCS will lead you through a live workout that’s free! If you’d like to sign up and join us for a Live Community Workout, CLICK HERE to […]

Loving Yourself to Better

  “I’m DONE with abusing myself to progress” I remember the moment I said this to myself. I had done a great job of getting my body where I wanted it to be. That day it was lean, strong, fit, and my clothes were literally falling off of me. That part felt amazing. It came […]

How to Lift Heavier

How to Use Drop Sets and Rest-Pause to Get Stronger The research has proven over and over that one of the very best things you can do for your overall health is strength training. Strength training is proven to… Reduce your risk of heart disease Improve mood and mental states Reduce injuries, aches and pains […]

Immunity Boosting Tips

Immunity is the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasion. And now more than ever it’s the top of mind for many of us. I’ve always urged my community to take action to boost and protect their immune system. In my opinion, it’s everything. See, when your immune system […]

Free Resources

You are strong.   How do I know this? Because you are part of my community. Simply by being here, I know… you. are. strong. And you are safe. Today I am here to serve, serve, serve. I’ve got A TON of completely free resources for you below.    At the time of this blog, […]

How Many Calories Should You Eat?

Calories matter. How Many Should You Eat in a Day? Almost daily, I see media stories that promote the idea that you can eat whatever you want, as long as you include or avoid certain foods or food groups. The messages often suggest that you can eat until you’re full and follow your intuition when […]

The Science of Graceful Aging

The Science Behind Why it Gets Harder as You Age. Let’s face it…no one wants to get older. I even hate mentioning it because it’s such a downer. But here’s the deal… If you want to age gracefully, prevent brittle bones, and remain strong so you can run around with your kids (and their kids), […]