updated January 14, 2020

After nearly 30 years of coaching women I have found that a common thing we share is a battle with fatigue and low energy. For me, this is by far my biggest challenge when it comes to my health and fitness.

I have mastered sugar cravings, coffee addiction (well…some may say this is up for debate…) insomnia, digestive problems, chronic knee pain, anxiety and reactive hypoglycemia.

But fatigue is one that I’m not sure that I will ever master and that is because energy is always in flux. Particularly for us ladies!

You too?

Well you’re in luck because in today’s video below I’ve got 5 things you can do that will radically improve your energy. Click below to watch the video.

One of the very best things that you can do to improve energy (especially if you’re over 35) is to strength train on a regular and consistent basis. For me, it’s EVERYTHING.

Strength training reduces fatigue by bringing more power to the muscles that hold you up all day.

If I go too many days without proper strength workouts, my energy tanks. At a bare minimum, I strength train 3 times every week for 40-60 minutes. Improving your lean muscle mass helps to reduce fatigue because your muscles are what hold your body up all day long. Even sitting at a desk requires strong muscles of your core, back and shoulders.

How to Strength Train For Better Energy

  1. Make a firm commitment to yourself to get consistent with sleep, eating and workouts.
  2. Find a 12-16 week strength training program created by a legitimate expert
  3. Stick with the program no matter what for at least 10 weeks before assessing progress
  4. Aim for 3-4 strength workouts per week
  5. Keep cardio workouts to 3-4 sessions per week, each lasting no longer than 45 minutes.

If you’re unsure what strength program to follow, check out my two best selling programs…

The GLUTES Project

This 12 week program can be completed at your own pace and includes 3 strength workouts each week. Two workouts are lower body, glute-focused, and one workout is for the upper body. This is a great program for beginners and more advanced fitness enthusiasts who want to build a better, stronger, booty. CLICK HERE to learn more.

The Comeback

This 12 week program is more comprehensive and provides in-depth nutrition and cardio guidance, on top of a superior full body strength program. It features and incredible group community for support and accountability, and live coaching calls with me very two weeks. CLICK HERE to learn more.

This week’s special Blog content

 I believe that physiology is the root of many energy slumps and bad moods. I believe that for most women, the truth is a “Body-Mind” connection as opposed to the common belief of “Mind-Body” influence, which says that your mind and emotions are the cause of your health.

Use my tips to get your physiology right so that your body is truly able to produce energy. Then, if you still feel a bit punky, it’s probably time to take a look inside and see what’s going on with your heart and emotions.

There are many tools and ways to explore your heart and soul. One of my favorite methods for checking in inside is journaling.

I remember when I first started journaling I had NO idea how to effectively do it. It took a while, but once I let myself abandon rules, I discovered that free form, brain-drain writing worked wonders for me. Want to try it?

First and foremost is to forget all rules that you might have in your head on how to journal. Therefore, you don’t need a special journal book unless you want one. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and just start draining what’s in your head. I literally do not cross my T’s or dot my I’s. My “writing” is really just gibberish that is flowing out of my head. Sometimes I don’t complete sentences and jump around to random thoughts. For the first 10 minutes or so I am usually venting out my frustrations and anger. I swear…I say mean things…I just vent.

And then, the magic happens. Once all of the judgmental, unedited “ugly” is out of me, pure love starts to flow. I start writing more clearly about all of the good and amazing that is in life. I learn what my heart wants and I feel my soul soar. Beauty comes to the front and all of life’s troubles start to be minimized. And that is where life’s energy comes from.

So check out my video below and then get started! Unlimited energy is truly an option…if you are willing to earn it!

Check out this week’s video below for more thoughts on this!

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have other tips for keeping your energy high? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

22 replies
  1. Mirian Lifsic
    Mirian Lifsic says:

    I do agree strength training and positive thinking 🤔 are EVERYTHING!!
    There’s joy and beauty in everything that surrounds you…life is NOT easy, but there’s always something worth fighting for. Be thankful, kind and lovingly to each other.

  2. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    Thanks so much for your generosity – sharing your knowledge and advice every week! One thing that absolutely keeps me going is music. The right playlist can keep my cardio moving, inspire me to do the last couple of reps and just create positive energy while I’m at home or in the car.

  3. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Here it is May 21, 2019 in this must’ve been an old one but it’s a good one and I used to like to journal and I’ve been in a challenging place with my mother and my son and caring for both of them and realized I have to put myself first. Thank you!

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Hi Stephanie! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough patch with family! I can fully understand! And I do encourage you to get back to that journal writing. It helps SO MUCH! Stay strong!

  4. Amy
    Amy says:

    Love the tips to have more energy. Always looks for ways to feel my best and have more energy. Thank you, Holly!

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      You’re SO welcome Amy!!! Hope you can tune in to this episode of LIVE with Holly as I’ll be talking even more details on this topic! Will be live on Wednesday May 22, 2019 if you want to join!

  5. Corrina
    Corrina says:

    I’d love some tips on how to go about fitting a strength training session into my daily lifestyle with a demanding 18 month old in toe. Like seriously I can’t afford a babysitter or a gym membership n I have a gym room in my home with plenty of equipment but by the time my little one (into everything very active climbs out of playpen little one) is into bed at night I am absolutely exhausted.

    • Holly Perkins
      Holly Perkins says:

      Hi Corrina! I so know your challenge! So many of my clients who are mom’s share a very similar story. I love your request and will brainstorm some workout notes for you for sure. Stay tuned. And remember, every little bit counts. Even 10 squats while holding your babe works wonder! Stay strong!


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