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A few minutes ago I walked into my “dining room” (it’s not really much of a room) and had this overwhelming feeling that I just had to share these 5 things with you. I guess it’s a gift, but I genuinely feel a deep and profound responsibility towards protecting your health. I feel like I’ve been bestowed with a wonderful burden to take my knowledge of health and fitness and deliver it to your inbox.

So today I NEED you to know these things:

  1. Whatever your goal is, you CAN achieve it. I recently started virtual coaching (email and phone coaching, which is different than my in-person personal training) with a new client. After taking an assessment and looking at her “Before” pictures, I was happy to tell her that her body goals were totally achievable if she took specific actions. You would think that I told her she just won the lottery – she was so excited to have an expert tell her: “Yes, you can get the body that you want.”  Deep down, many people think that there is some mysterious reason why they are unable to lose weight or change their body. I’m shocked when my clients are surprised when I tell them they can have the body of their dreams. So hear me loud and clear: There is no mysterious dark shadowy omen keeping you from your goals. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have the exact body that you want. So just go for it!
  2. Small tweaks can add up to BIG change! Rather than quitting something cold turkey; starting a radically different diet program on Monday; or beginning an aggressive exercise program after being a couch potato for months, just take one step today towards the bigger goal. Your body actually prefers slow, gradual changes over time and you are more likely to adopt the habit into your lifestyle if the change is introduced realistically. Choose your steps wisely, and truly ask yourself what is one way you can move towards your goal by taking a digestible, realistic action today? And make sure it’s an action that you can easily commit to tomorrow as well! Need some help? Here are my top 3 tweaks that add up to big change:
  • Eat between 14-21 grams of protein at breakfast.
  • Add just 5 more minutes to your usual workout every two weeks.
  • Take 3 minutes of mindfulness when you wake to set your intention for the day, and 3 minutes at the end of the day to ensure peaceful and loving sleep.
  1. You MUST be strength training. Mark my words, I predict that strength training will become one the most important actions you can take to promote overall health and well being. One day doctors will include strength training on the same list as mammograms, pap smears and yearly check ups. Strength training is a powerful tool for optimizing hormones, obliterating fatigue, boosting self empowerment, and radically decreasing risk of injuries. Oh, and it helps you grow old gracefully.
  2. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to exercise! Don’t wait for that magical day when you wake up bursting with enthusiasm to work out. I think I might be the only crazy person who does that on a regular basis. For most folks, that day never arrives. Thankfully, every little bit of activity adds up! Take one step – one small step today- to improve your physical activity. What’s something that you can do right now to add to your activity level? You can stand up! Yes, right now. Stand up, then sit down and repeat 5 times and you’re on your way to being better. Don’t worry about technique – just stand up and sit down. Tadahhhh! Now do it again.
  3. Artificial sweeteners might be the most dangerous thing you are putting in your body. More research is coming out that makes me think that artificial sweeteners ain’t so sweet. I’ve decoded the secret language of scary sweets for you. Try your best to avoid these little devils: aspartame, neotame, acesulfame k, acesulfame potassium, Splenda, sucralose, Equal, NutraSweet, saccharin, Sweet n Low. If you start reading nutrition labels, you’ll be amazed at how many products contain one of these. I’m currently trying to curb my chewing gum habit (Oh! But I love gum after dinner!!!!) because it’s got several of these scary sweeteners. Also take a good look at protein bars, candy, sauces or anything labeled “Low Carb”.

Now remember, life is a crazy hot mess most of the time, and I know you are doing the best that you can. Relieve yourself of the pressure to be “perfect”…ever. I bet you have days when you are a healthy-eating, stair-climbing, good little student. And then, if you’re like me, you have days when all you can do is drink coffee to get through. Your path to better health is a roller coaster with long slow inclines, and fast and scary descents. You’re going along for the ride, so you might as well make the best of it and have fun.

Make me smile. Share your thoughts below in the Comments section.

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13 Responses to “5 Things You NEED to Know Right Now”

  1. Carrol says:

    I do trust all of the concepts you’ve offered to your post.
    They are really convincing and can definitely work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very short for beginners. Could you
    please lengthen them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for
    the post.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank You Holly for all of your words of wisdom! I look forward to your emails. I really need an at home strength training routine. I’m overwhelmed! Any tips!

    • Holly Perkins says:

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you SO much for your comment! I hear ya on the home strength training program. I get this request all the time! I am working hard over here to get you guys some form of downloadable program or video system so that you can strength train effectively at home. Stay tuned!

  3. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for writing these emails. Words of encouragement that pop up during the day really helps! I struggle with feeling I need to be perfect but as long as im giving it my best and achieving goals I’m on the right path. ♥

    • Holly Perkins says:

      Amy! Omg, I STRUGGLE with trying to be perfect. Thankfully as I get older, I’m finally seeing how “perfect” is a complete illusion. My version of perfect might be a nightmare for you! LOL. Therefore, look deep inside and listen to your good heart, and simply do your best. And that’s progress!!! Thank you so much for sharing here. So awesome.

  4. Kimberley says:

    Hi Holly — great tips, as usual! Would love to have more details about your virtual coaching program. Are you taking clients? How does it work? What does it cost?

    • Holly Perkins says:

      Hi Kimberley! I have a few clients that I am coaching virtually in order to get the “program” fleshed out and effective. Stay in touch with me and once it’s ready to go I can give you details. I imagine i’ll announce it via the weekly email, so keep your eyes out there too. SOOO nice having you as part of this community.

  5. Renada says:

    Hey Holly! I really enjoyed today’s email. It made me smile and laugh. I do not have the lean body that I would like to have, but I am determined to change that. Thank you so much for being so motivating!!

    • Holly Perkins says:

      Renada! YOU ROCK. I love, love, love every time I see when you’ve commented, posted or shared my Tweets. Thank you SO much for being such an awesome team mate. Stay determined – that’s all it takes to make your goals come to fruition. Stay strong!

  6. Rachel says:

    How AMAZING are you for sharing these tips and insights? This is what I call the Gospel of Holly…LOL…because it WORKS. And I’m proof. I want to share this if you don’t mind! :)

    • Holly Perkins says:

      Rachel! Hahaha! Love it. I would be honored and thrilled any time you want to share my thoughts. I love having you so present here, on FB, on IG and in life. So happy that we’ve stayed connected. I feel big things are on the way for you. Much love.

  7. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to your posts. There’s always information that is helpful and useful. :)

    • Holly Perkins says:

      Jen! Oh Yay!!! And always please feel free to share questions so that I can continue to keep my love letters helpful and useful!

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